I'm Eddie Hinkle. My mission is to bring joy and empathy to the tech industry.

Above all other things: I'm human, as are you. (unless AI has become sentient). The internet is a challenging place where our human connection can often be lost. I try to follow my core values (things likevalue every personandchoose whimsy) in everything I do, from my everyday life to my interactions online.

I currently work as an Engineering Manager at Glassdoor, where I lead a team focused on developing the design system for Glassdoor, as well as working on the internal developer experience for front-end developers.

I host a podcast called WebJoy, where I talk with guests about their origin stories, what they love about working in their roles, and what they find joy in. We're an an inclusive community centered on celebrating the diverse origins, skills, and experiences that make up the tech industry.

I love to chat on Twitter, and I try to provide valuable content about being a developer and working in tech on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Feel free to reach out!