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Investing into others and helping guide careers is one of the things I'm most passionate about!

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I'll help you embrace the Pareto Principle, and focus on the 20% of effort that will get you 80% of the success. This will allow you to double-down on what is important in order to get that promotion or land the job.
Personalized mentorship
The challenge of being self-taught is it can be difficult to know if you're on the right track. It can be difficult to be 100% honest with your co-workers or boss to ask the questions you really want to understand.
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There is a ton of competition in the tech industry right now. But working together we can get you to the next level, whether it's scoring that interview or the new promotion.
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Sometimes you just need someone who has your back, can encourage you and believes in you. I'm in this to help you succeed and get where you want to be.

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Eddie is positive and helpful. He is an amazing problem solver, very motivational, encouraging, constructive, technically competent, and a great communicator.

Senior Software Engineer at Google

My mission

My goal is to bring more joy and empathy to the tech industry. Part of that happens through investing in helping others be the best they can be and get the skills, recognition, raises, and promotions that they deserve. But most importantly to find positions and roles that inspire and excite them!

I am a firm believer that in order to build the best products possible, we need to increase the diversity of those in tech. Which means, I particularly appreciate working with and mentoring those who are under-represented in the tech industry.

Time spent mentoring
420 minutes
Conducted as a manager
56 Interviews
Time spent coding
29,960 hours

Wrote my first code

I started programming by customizing a forum site I set up for some of my friends using phpBB.

Started freelancing

I started freelancing online and did it for many years before landing a full-time job in tech.

Became a Manager

I've managed several teams across two companies: ThreatConnect and Glassdoor. I've directly managed almost 20 people, hired 8, and interviewed over 50 candidates.

Started mentoring

Aside from mentoring those I work with, I've mentored as part of The Collab Lab, ADP List, and currently as part of MentorCruise.


I have been blessed to work alongside some amazing people. Hear from my real-life previous co-workers and mentees.

“Eddie is hands-down one of the best leaders I've ever had the privilege of working with and I can honestly say that he helped and inspired me to become a better software engineer!”

Kimberly V.
Senior Front-End Engineer

“Eddie was very inspirational!”

Syscily B.
Software Engineering Student

“Eddie is positive and helpful. He is an amazing problem solver, very motivational, encouraging, constructive, technically competent, and a great communicator.”

Neha I.
Senior Software Engineer at Google

“His humble nature will be the first thing you notice after meeting him and will strike you more after you get to see his work. Lastly, Eddie's positive attitude can uplift both internal team members and the clients he serves”

Daniel K.
Head of Sales & Operations

“Not only is he an empathetic leader, but he truly cares about the people he works with.”

Mashell R.
Fractional Head of Design for Startups

“Eddie is that rare leader who combines technical expertise with real people leadership and collaboration.”

Dan C.
VP of Product Management

“Eddie is a breath of fresh air in a world where developers and other teams often struggle to communicate.”

Kaila K.
AR/VR System & Calibration Project Manager

“This is amazing! Thank you so much!! I am excited to continue with my journey and will reach out again when I get stuck!”

Nickolas S.
Aspiring Software Engineer

“Thank you so much for taking the time to chat. It was super helpful to hear your thoughts and get a better understanding of what being an engineering manager could be like. I really appreciate all these resources and excited to dig into them!”

Diana A.
Front End Software Engineer

“I had a great session. He cleared all my doubts. he was very helpful. he helped me gain more confidence in my field! He greatly reduced areas where I felt lost and uncertain. he gave lots of insights. He was positive. thank you so much sir for all the guidance and help.looking forward to a session soon”

Nishant K.
Recent Graduate


Get mentoring based on your needs

My mentorship program is customized based on your needs. Whether it is a one-off session, occasional meet-ups or a monthly mentorship program, I can meet you where you are at.



This is great for those who just want some general feedback or consider different options.

  • 1 call per month (30 min/call)
  • Unlimited Q&A in a private community
  • Expected responses in 3-4 days
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This is for those who are looking to upskill to prepare for a promotion or looking for a job change

  • 3 calls per month (30 min/call)
  • Unlimited Q&A in a private community
  • Expected responses in 2 days
  • Hands-on support
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Only need an individual session?

These individual sessions include me reading/watching any preparation material you send me, our scheduled session, and a follow-up email.

Introductory Call


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If you're looking for a mentor, and you're just not sure about how this all works – this one is for you. In a casual, informal introductory call, I will introduce myself, show you around the platform, explain how my mentorships work, and explain how I would set up a mentorship with you. This is particularly helpful if you're interested in a mentorship but aren't 100% sure.

Resume Feedback


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Having a good resume on hand when going on the job hunt is crucial, and will make your search a lot easier. Even if you're not looking for a new position right now, having an up-to-date CV that sells your experience to future potential employers is always good to have. In this session, I will go over your CV and give you actionable points on how to improve it.

LinkedIn Feedback


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This session is designed to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile for professional networking and career advancement. In this session, I will review your existing LinkedIn profile, provide feedback and guidance, and offer best practices for improving your online presence. Throughout the session, I will work collaboratively with you to identify areas of strength and weakness in your LinkedIn profile and develop a strategy for improvement.

Interview Preparation


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Some big interviews coming up? In this 1-hour session, I will act as a technical interviewer and ask you some standard hiring questions that you might hear in one of your future interview too, and will evaluate your replies.As a result of this, you should receive actionable feedback on what to improve about your knowledge, interview presence and other things that may be relevant to a future hiring decision.

Pair Programming


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This session involves you and me working collaboratively to develop coding skills, troubleshoot coding issues, or complete coding projects. In this session, I will pair with you to work on a coding exercise or project.Throughout the session, you and I will work together to write, review, and test code, providing feedback. I may observe the session, offering feedback and guidance as needed to help you overcome coding challenges and improve your skills. I will, however, not write code on your behalf.

Expert Consultation


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Whatever doesn't fit the mold: Get a full hour with me to discuss your needs. Be it help with coding something, creating a software architecture, deciding on a strategy for your business or working in pairs.If you don't know whether what you want to do is possible, reach out to me!